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Friday, October 17, 2008


There are aspects of the language that Keith Olbermann uses in this video that I don't care for, but I respect what he says.

The history of this nation is clear. That history shows that the McCain/Palin campaign, whether intentionally or not, is inciting violence. They are putting Mr. Obama's life in danger. And that is, in my opinion, far worse than the warning Mr. Lewis recently issued, that that is exactly what McCain is doing.

If I were not already an Obama supporter, this would make me one.

I truly hope that the American people will rise up and repudiate the McCain/Palin ticket on November 4th. We are a better nation than this.



David Carrel said...

Thanks for the note on my blog Seda. I am fine with all the political arguments and I understand that you get stirred up, probably a lot more than me, and I can get a little stirred as well. Just as long as you don't mind a devil's advocate hanging around your blog. haha.
I had another response for the last post and I could have sworn it was posted, but I just checked for a response from someone and that post never showed up. It was kind of longer so I don't know if I remember everything. If I don't have anything to do later, maybe I will try to rewrite it.
But as far as this post is concerned, I agree that McCain has been less than honorable on the subject. Of course, that does not change my positions or anything. I do however, disagree with a couple statements in the clip. Like when whoever he is said that the people at the rallies represent the candidates. Do we really think that the candidates could be responsible for all the actions of those at the rallies? Sure, maybe they could say something more, but it was as if the journalist said that whatever the crowd says, McCain says. And I don't think that is the case.
And from my perspective, what McCain said about the most disgusting thing of the campaign or whatever, I disagree with.
I think the worst thing was at the democratic national convention when security was extremely tight and there were protesters vandalizing, throwing rocks, etc. I think they were Hillary followers. But from the video clips I saw, it looked like another country when a government is being overthrown. The people were out of control. It wasn't just words, it was actual violence with people getting arrested, etc...
But I didn't see that the news made a big deal out of it. And I was thinking, look at what is happening in our country, so sad, and disgusting. But the news did not say much about it. Why not? And then they make a big deal about one person yelling at a rally (I guess it has been a couple people at different rallies). But for me, seeing the actual violence and actions of a crown of angry people was much more dangerous than one person yelling words.
Does that make sense? (Oh, and I am not excusing those words, should not be said).

Seda said...

It's a good point, David, about what the crowd says. I guess I'd like to see McCain and Palin really speak out against that kind of language - the "Kill him!" "Terrorist!" kind of language - much more strongly. But you're right.

There was rioting at the GOP convention, too - or at least, people getting pulverized by the police. I saw a few of the videos that showed up on the internet and read some first-hand accounts, but the news media didn't cover that at all, so far as I know. Seems like the media has a very narrow agenda - maintain the corporate dominance of government, mainly by supporting the divisions between left and right. I watch the policies coming down from the Bush administration, and usually Congress, and it seems like they are all in the best interest of multinational corporations and worst interest of all people everywhere (except the CEO's). It's so sad to see the violent division between people who really all want pretty much the same stuff. Really sad, also, that it seems there is a religious hierarchy - the big time TV preachers - who support that structure completely. I hope that this blog can be a tool for peace.

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~Helen Keller

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