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Monday, January 5, 2009


I lifted this vid from Long Walk to Green, a blog I found linked from, of all places, Opine. Long Walk to Green titled it, appropriately, "So Sad..."

I'd like to think this guy isn't typical for Republicans. He's griping about a measly five million dollars out of a huge transportation spending bill. Yet how can you get better bang for your buck than with bikes?

Our Xtracycle has made our car almost obsolete. Every day I ride past long lines of cars on my commute, and yet I'm pretty sure 70% to 80% of the commutes in my city are easily bikeable. Bikes use no greenhouse gas, no fossil fuel, and they cause very little wear and tear on roads. They park easily, almost anywhere.

This guy is dissing proven technology that does exactly what is proposed - why? Just because it's been around a long time? Or is it denial? Is his ExxonMobile stock falling?

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Anonymous said...

What bothers me while watching this clip is the attitude of this politician. Not giving one single argument, but just trying to ridicule everybody who think differently. Put them down, make fun out of them...
Why do we put up with a language like this? Is it really so hard to communicate in a bit more mature way, say: "I believe ... is a good strategy because..., and I don't believe ... is a good strategy because...". For the beginning, at least.
My oh my...

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~Helen Keller

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