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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Can This Be True?

This clip is amazing and depressing. If true, it leaves me wondering if we now have a Bush III in office.

Think about it. The same policies as Bush; just under a new name - and, if this video is true (his awful budget is), taken to a greater extreme. Only this time, the guy who's making this stuff up is intelligent, articulate, and charismatic.


I picked it up on a right-wing blog, so who knows? It's Rachel Maddow, though, not Rush, so I'm inclined to believe it.



David Carrel said...

Thanks for posting that; it was very interesting. I read something on the Afghan war this morning and I was going to talk to you about that.
I personally think that the President receives a lot of top secret information about terrorist plots that causes them to be engaged in war. And for them the decision is, if they don't take these measures to protect the US, then America will be attacked. Now the ethics of all of it, that is the tough question.

anne said...

Hi Girl,

Yesterday he proposed a bill to make it illegal to not have health insurance--something the Republicans would not have done. If this bill passes, I'll be illegal since I've never been able to afford insurance.

the fun never stops. The irony is that their booking all the fines from people like me as income rather than helping us get insurance.

yeah, I need a Seda fix, but I'll call and wish Trin happy b day. Maybe email...


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